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    Hello everybody,
    For some obvious reasons, we cannot know every events in Europe, and the all world. That is why I am surching for informators, that will be able to give some news to tell the others websurfers.
    Computers, video-games, mangas / jamanimation & cartoons, music, movies & TV shows.
    The world is moving very fast, and this site is visited by several Europeens and American people. We are surching corresponding from :
-- USA / Australia
-- Canada / Quebec
-- England
-- Germany
-- Italia
-- Spain
-- Greece
-- Netherlands
-- Norway, Sweden, Finland
-- Japan

    If you're country is not inside this list, you will be welcome.
    My goal is :
-- exchange news and electronic files by e-mail,
-- exchange cd singles, manga / comics by classic mail.
    In a word, create a little news-network.
    If you are interested, write me.